At the Lamoille Valley Church of the Nazarene you can expect:

  • A friendly sense of community and care for families, singles, newlyweds, senior citizens, young children, teens, and all ages in between
  • A concern for families expressed in social activities, service opportunities, learning situations, and worship experiences
  • Participation in ministry through Sunday School, men’s and women’s events, youth and children’s programs.


Spiritual nurture is the church’s most basic responsibility. ┬áIn the Lamoille Valley Church of the Nazarene this will be expressed by:

  • Pastoral counseling and prayer meetings
  • Special times of evangelism and outreach
  • Opportunities for times of public commitment and prayer at the altar
  • Participation in the sacraments, both baptism and Communion
  • Study programs like Sunday School and Bible study groups
  • Retreats and Summer Camps for teens through adults
  • Providing opportunity for ministry


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